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WBE Surfaces is fully committed to being the leader in sustainable interior products. Our LEED AP on staff helps our sales professionals source products that meet the requirements of LEED, Green Squared, GreenGuard or any other sustainability programs adopted to increase the sustainability goals for a project. We recommend and source specific systems that will help you achieve:

Regional materials – including offering more sustainable methods of transport such as water-way barge or rail car.

Recycled content – we can offer products with recycled content for any project.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality – We work in unison with our adhesive and sub-floor product manufacturers to complete systems designed to eliminate VOCs and even to proactively clean the surrounding air and kill bacteria and viruses.

Low maintenance floor, wall and exterior systems that require no harsh chemicals to clean and maintain.

Durable products that will last the test of time and be with your building throughout its lifetime.

wbe surafces

WBE Surfaces proudly represents tile and stone products from all over the world. All of our manufacturers have a few things in common: they all manufacture the highest quality products in the most dazzling colors and finishes and they are all incredibly eco-conscious in their production methods.

Tile manufacturers continue to improve on their manufacturing methods in order to keep up with the demand of sustainable products. Most of our manufacturers follow stringent standards, including:

Recycling 100% of retained production water. Not a drop goes unused throughout the production process.

• Continually reducing gaseous emissions through scrubbers and increased energy efficiency.

• Incorporating recycled content into the body of the tile.

Eliminating waste in the manufacturing process by reusing scrap material into new production runs.

• All raw materials are harvested locally to the production facilities – significantly reducing travel time and reliance on fuels for transport.